Unfinished game is a little casual game with a short story and a speedrun mode which you can play infinite times to complete the 10 stages as fast as possible! (Post your record in the comments!) This game was made by one person in 3 days (less than 20 hours actually) for the WowieJam2.0!

This game's art is mostly edited public domain sprites! I didn't draw them but edited them so they made sense within the game's aesthetic :D


Unfinished Game 2.0 32 Bits.zip 24 MB
Unfinished Game 2.0 64 Bits.zip 27 MB
Mac OS.zip 29 MB
Linux.zip 64 MB


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Great game, simple and fun to play.


Is the fastest I could get lol


lol mirando los juegos graqtis i de repente me topo que DEValen publico el juego del diamante xdxdxd

JAJA, no es el juego que estaba haciendo, este es para una GameJam. El juego del diamante sigue en pausa


Very fun game. 

-plays nice

-looks nice

-sounds nice

what more is there to say?


If someone beats me, Im gonna eat a shoe

Sounds like a challenge, get you shoe ready :)


this is amazing


New time!

01:52:57 on speedrun mode!

Someone try and beat that!

I was surprised that the glitch is not in speedrun mode, it makes it alot easier when the glitch isn't hunting you.

WOW! That is a great game! My time was 03:09:60 (first playthrough). The beginning cutscene gave me like Undertale vibes for some reason! This was amazing.

I have some nitpicks about it though:

  • Some typos in the dialogue, not a big deal
  • Maybe show the A and D controls right when you get into the game, I know the game teaches you to jump and stuff (Really great tutorial btw!) but it never tells you how to move. So maybe just throw that in there in the beginning before the cutscene or something, like written on the wall?

But that's really all negatives I have about the game. This was absolutely fantastic! I don't even think I want to remove it from my computer lol. I'll keep this one! I think I'll check out your YouTube channel aswell. Great job!


4 Minutes, Very Nice.